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Int`l Standards


Zero- Accidents on Job Sites

MELEC top concern is safety .We never compromise safety for profits.

MELEC abides by a safety program that has been designed to help prevent the existence of hazardous conditions on work sites and to provide employees with the safest possible working conditions.

MELEC believes that the most important factor for the success of the safety program is the compliance of personnel with the implementation of the Safety System, which consists of safe workplace inspections, correction of hazards, employee training, safety communication, and documentation

 Therefore, for each project, MELEC employs a safety officer who is responsible for constantly training employees on safety procedure, and for taking instant corrective and preventive actions. We also ask our subcontractors and partners to adopt our commitment to safety.

These policies resulted in zero – accident occurrence on Job sites under MELEC supervision, even in the most hazardous locations like IRAQ. 

Our dedication to safety helps keep workers safe and, it also pays off for our customers.


Melec is committed to high international quality standards

 Through its dedication to high international quality standards, Melec earned a reputation for excellence that keeps clients consistently referring MELEC with confidence.

MELEC is committed to providing Quality services and products.

 On Work sites, MELEC conform to a quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program that is designed to ensure the execution of scientifically sound, legally defensible projects of known and documented quality.  The effectiveness of this program relies on clearly defined objectives, well-documented procedures, and management support. Therefore, Melec employs a quality officer who is responsible for constantly training employees on quality procedures, and for performing quality spot checks periodically, and ensuring that the quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program is being implemented.

Moreover, our aim is to satisfy our customers through meeting our promises in supplying high quality products. Therefore, MELEC purchases materials and equipments only form highly reputed and carefully evaluated manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, when applicable, our technical team persistently observes all factory tests conducted on any of the materials or equipment before delivery on site or to client. 

 Furthermore, MELEC is frequently engaged with international consulting companies to perform internal and external quality training. In fact, Melec is currently working on getting ISO certification.