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Customer Satisfaction:

We focus on continuous improvement and commitment to customer’s requirements in order to provide products, services and solutions of the highest price/quality ratio to its customers; thus earning a reputation for excellence that keeps clients consistently referring MELEC with confidence.

Continuous Improvement:

We aim at staying up –to date with new technologies, and new practices in our field of work, in order to stay competitive and to provide exceedingly qualified work. In fact, MELEC is always in the quest of developing its procedures so as to achieve better efficiency. Moreover, we greatly encourage creativity and individual initiative directed towards progress and innovation. 

Employee Commitment & Development:

We believe that our personnel are the key to MELEC success; therefore we procure employees according to their competences and constantly invest in their development through trainings, empowerment and performance appraisal.

Moreover, we value our personnel, acknowledge their contributions and create with them an equitable, pleasant and professional work atmosphere that gives them motivation and sense of self accomplishment.

Profit Generation:

Our objective is to achieve sufficient profit to finance our growth and development, to bring more liquidity and flexibility to our business, and to invest in new opportunities.


We are constantly expanding our business to provide all aspects of contracting services. Moreover, because of its flexibility, MELEC is persistently ready to satisfy emerging market and customer needs by creating new branches or divisions and by procuring new personnel for this purpose.We view every change as an opportunity and we are not reluctant to innovate and take smart risks in order to grow.

Ethical and social responsibilities:

We live up to our social responsibility by being a law abiding, and resourceful business in every community we operate. Moreover, we have a commitment to provide a safe and healthy working environment to our employees and to the communities in which we are working. We never compromise this obligation for profit. Additionally, MELEC is well known for its integrity and reliability that.